Are you at a crossroads?  Maybe you are looking for a career change, or want to make a transformation in one or more aspects of your life?

Erin's reading style combines traditional tarot with patterns of destiny ("tarot constellations") and elements of astrology. Unlike readers you may have encountered at festivals or fairs, your tarot session with Erin will be collaborative in nature as we seek to explore the topics that truly matter to you. 

Using powerful archetypes, the tarot allows us to connect with our intuition so we may manifest our potential. As an added bonus, astrology outlines a cosmic blueprint for each individual, providing permission to be the authentic you!

How can I serve you?

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Mini Session

$20 (15 min.)

Great for Students!

A very basic introduction to tarotology, this session offers a general reading. The reading will provide an overview focused on a topic of interest but may not be a good option for those wishing to explore multiple questions.

Individual Reading

$35 (30 min.)

Tarot Reading

This 30-minute one-on-one virtual session provides a general reading or time to explore a topic of personal interest through the tarot. Basic elements of astrology may be incorporated, as well. Individuals wishing a deeper dive or with multiple queries would be better served with a 60-minute session.

Extended Individual Reading

$55 (60 min.)

Tarot Reading with Astrological Component

This 60-minute one-on-one virtual session allows time to dive more in-depth into the personal reading, focusing on one or more topics of personal interest. To incorporate and benefit from elements of both tarot and astrology, please be sure to provide the time, place and date of birth either in advance or at beginning of the reading.