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Why Cultivate Spiritual Awareness?

I will preface this post with a candid disclaimer that while I will only very briefly attempt to unpack this question (which in truth is far deeper and deserves more consideration than the scope of my blog posts), I am by no means an expert. The opinions presented today are formed only by my own experiences, observations and guidance from my own mentors. I encourage you to try to come to your own, unique response to this question as well.

First, before launching into an attempt to answer “Why?” I’ll take a step back and focus on “How?” How can we cultivate spiritual awareness?

I think there are many paths, and no one correct one. However, I do think it important to find some spiritual practice or practices from which one can glean fulfilment and connect with a greater sense of inner peace and place within the universe or the divine and commit to it/them. There are many ways to finding that “peace which passes all understanding.” A few are listed below:

  • Prayer

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Exercise

  • Tarot work

And of course, you can start small then build and add more practices over time!

The most important thing is to consistently carve out time for your practice. This time should be free from distractions so that focus is not only achieved but maintained. Consistency is important to create ritual. And what is a ritual if not just a practice that is approached with consistency and respect or even reverence. (For me, coffee is a morning ritual.)

That focus and consistency is critical because if allow us to reallocate our most precious resource, time, to that which matters most: our spiritual selves. We can then worry less about temporal, material concerns as we are more firmly steeped and grounded in our larger sense of purpose and being.

So, what is the purpose of cultivating spiritual awareness? That is to say, why should we invest in one more thing in our busy days in which there are endless demands of our attention.

In a nutshell, quality over quantity.

Dedicating that time to cultivating spiritual awareness affords us many benefits. We can:

  • see the Divine in our own experience

  • connect with our inner knowing

  • learn to trust ourselves

  • bolster our internal compass

  • improve our mental as well as spiritual health

  • work toward that most noble and elusive of goals to "know thyself"

I want to take this time on Thanksgiving Day here in the United States to say thank you for reading. I am grateful to share my journey with you and wish you health, prosperity and the "peace which passes all understanding" as we draw ever closer to the end of a challenging year.

In peace & love,


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