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What’s the Difference? In-person vs. Phone vs. Online Readings

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

With the rise in technology and the increasingly global and mobile world in which we operate (or at least pre-pandemic), traditional tarot readers and astrologers have adapted accordingly. So, what difference does the platform make in receiving an effective reading?

Online video platforms make connecting with others easier than ever before.

For me, personally, the answer is “it depends.”

First, let’s establish that there is a distinction between a tarot reading and a natal or transit chart interpretation. The latter is slightly more clinical and formulaic in approach. As such, it is somewhat easier to conduct a chart reading using a variety of platforms, including over the telephone.

The key here lies in the knowledge and skill level of the astrologer. A visual medium will allow the astrologer to conduct subtle check-ins via body language, picking up on slight movements as affirmations or positive reinforcement. This is not to say that there isn’t a level of intuition that a reader lends to their interpretation of a chart, but it is possible to conduct a successful reading without additional cues. Compared to tarot cards, reading a chart generally does not require much input, knowledge base or interpretation on the part of the client. In fact, it is expected that a client will not have a deep breadth of knowledge in the area.

This is where tarot differs. For me, tarot is a two-way process. The reader provides the interpretation as well as lends their intuition to the process. The querent (tarot-speak for client) does not have to be knowledgeable in tarot; this is where the reader should provide an educational component. But the symbols in the tarot are universal.

During the reading, the tarot reader should work with the querent’s intuition and guide them throughout to better determine if and how the cards and associated meanings or interpretations resonate. Ideally a tarot reading should be a dynamic and engaging process. Since readers rely heavily not just on the textbook definition of a card, but their intuition and empathy, establishing a connection with the querent is key.

Because of that, I much prefer the ability to “see” my clients and pick up on their energy and reactions. I also want my clients to be able to see the cards, as well. This allows them to pick up on details and ask much more targeted questions. It can lead us both down a rabbit hole that takes us to the heart of something potentially different from where we started. Ultimately, this collaborative approach better enables us get to the heart of an issue or concern.

Personally, if I were a client getting a reading, I would not opt for a tarot reading over the phone unless the reader had a strong preference to do so. So for me, that leaves in-person or online as viable options for receiving a reading.

In my case, as a reader, online is my preferred way to work with clients. If there is video capability, I find online to be a fantastic way to conduct a reading in these modern times. It allows me to connect with individuals from all over the globe. I can still see and pick up on the energy of the querent and they can do likewise. There is a sense of transparency, which is key to generating trust and credibility. As a reader, I’m comfortable in my element and environment. More importantly, the querent is, as well.

If you are interested in trying an online tarot reading or group tarot class (some classes are free!), check out our services.

Next week I’ll delve more into the ethics of tarot reading.

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