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Uranus Square Saturn: Reform at the Roots

The biggest astrological event of 2021 is most likely the Saturn-Uranus square that will occur not once, not twice, but three times over the course of the year. The first of these happened yesterday on February 17th. The next two will be on June 14th and December 24th.

This particular configuration of Saturn and Uranus at odds with one another in a square formation transpires roughly every 22 years. The dialogue between the two can be rather tense.

Saturn, the old teacher, preaches the slow and steady, hard-earned wisdom gained through experience and labor. His path progresses step-by-step and slowly builds upon a firm foundation. Of the traditional planets, Saturn is the gatekeeper of the visible and invisible, the known and unknown. In the tarot, Saturn is associated with The World card that comes at the end of the major arcana. It is the end of the personal journey. Saturn’s cycles, like The World card, helps us recognizes whether or not we’ve learned our lesson; if not, we must start the cycle over and repeat the same challenges. If so, we begin the cycle anew but with the benefit of having overcome previous trials and tribulations and better able to navigate what befalls our path on the next go-around.

Meanwhile, Uranus is the ingenue, ready for new experiences, or the genius, obsessed with discovery or advancing a cause. The planet inspires, uproots, advances, and disrupts without prejudice. All reap the benefit of Uranus’s insights and progressive ways just as they struggle with the planet’s haphazard approach and abandon. Adapt, adopt, but do it now, cries the outer, “other” planet; Time is Saturn’s domain. While Uranus is The Fool that steps forward, ready to venture onto the next thing and into the unknown, the planet is in many ways equal parts Knight of Swords who rushes in with the battle cry, “Just do it!”

This month, Jupiter and Saturn are still in fairly close proximity to one another in Aquarius, with Jupiter serving to help offset some of the friction of the conversation. However, Jupiter will be progressing on his merry way as the year goes on, increasing the degrees of separation between Saturn. By June, Jupiter will be in its domicile of Pisces, which is also beneficial and may either curtail some of the friction or redirect and allow positive manifestations in other, Piscean areas. Perhaps mental health comes into the conversation again in a meaningful way and we see a precursor of what to expect for 2022 during this period.

On a larger scale, what 2020 exposed, 2021 will attempt to overhaul and reform (Uranus) to rebuild the foundations (Saturn) of our society. By December the dialogue between Saturn and Uranus that we will see glimpses of this month and in June will likely come to a head.

As always, I encourage you to see what topics are featuring prominently in your life during this time to identify what themes may recur later in the year for you personally when Saturn and Uranus make the same aspects twice more.

In peace & love, Erin

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