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The Tarotology of the 2021 Texas Power Crisis

Not to pile on to the woes of ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, but I did find the power failure in the state of Texas courtesy of winter storm Uri to provide a nice case study for present planetary happenings. So, let’s talk about that!

For those who haven’t been following this story, I’ll try my best to recap. Between February 11 and 17, two winter storms hit a large swath of the continental U.S. Southern states, including Texas, were hit particularly hard and were ill-equipped for the plunging temperatures. Texas, especially, prides itself on its self-sufficiency. Whereas many other states in the U.S. shares resources with neighboring states and accepts assistance from the federal government, Texas relies solely on the state to provide its services. Unfortunately, its power equipment is not winterized. During the wee hours on February 15th, this was problematic as ERCOT realized the system was overwhelmed and a power failure was imminent. They shut down the grids in an attempt to implement short-term, rolling blackouts. The result was a days’ long disaster.

So, what was going on cosmically at the time?

I talked in my previous post about the implications of Saturn square Uranus. But one additional consideration in the mix is our good old friend, Mercury retrograde. Mercury goes direct today, February 21st, but for the first three weeks of February it appeared to be moving backwards in the sky. Retrogrades represent a time to revisit or rethink things. Mercury retrograde, in particular, has a nasty reputation of causing disruptions, delays or flat out problems related to travel, technology and communications.

In medical astrology, Saturn is associated with the bones, joints, skin – really any and all connective tissues or systems that provide some form of support or structure for the body. Mercury, meanwhile, is associated with the neurons, synapses, and the nervous system as a whole; it is the body’s communication mechanisms, or the “computer” driving things.

With Uri, the second winter storm, Texas experienced a sudden system-wide electrical failure. Mercury is the fleet-footed messenger of the gods. And not only do we have the connection of electricity with Mercury by means of the electron association, but Uranus is also often identified with electricity. Not only that, but Uranus also possesses correlations with the mythical hero Prometheus, the bringer of fire. Interestingly during this crisis, the fire (power) went out system-wide (Saturn).

Taking it a step further, Uranus can be associated with the Fool card in the tarot deck. The Fool represents bright-eyed, bushy-tailed optimism, new ventures, and journeys. The Fool has one foot off the cliff, as though he knows something we do not. Yet to others, the Fool can appear just that – foolish. While the power was out in Texas, one its own politicians decided to head out of town. The press did not take kindly to this “foolish journey.”

But there was a silver lining in that Jupiter remains in Aquarius, which tempered the fallout of the power grid, if not that facing the unfortunate senator. Reports are emerging that the Texas energy crisis could in fact have been much worse than they were as ERCOT managed to catch the problem with just minutes (some accounts say seconds!) to spare from additional generators going offline. Had this transpired, the crisis would likely have prolonged for months as opposed to days.

Another silver lining? By the time this is published, Mercury should be direct once more.

Stay safe & warm! Erin

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