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Pattern of Destiny: The Chariot

Now that the Fool has learned to be in proximity with others, he learns about ambition and challenge. This entry will focus on the seventh personal pattern of destiny, the Chariot.

Standard disclaimer that if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read the below linked introductions to this topic prior to reading the explanation of each card. (Bonus: this will also help you figure out which pattern of destiny and life lesson posts are most relevant for you!)

For more context on when or why I like using the Pattern of Destiny personality (aka "birthday") card approach, check out the first Pattern of Destiny: The Magician post.

And now let us take a leaf from the Chariot and move onward and upward.

The Chariot card is the seventh card in the Fool’s Journey. It is a card of relationships and balance, among other things.

If your Pattern of Destiny number is 7 or 16, then you have the Chariot as your personality (aka soul) card. What does that mean?

Chariots are…

  • Ambitious and driven

  • Challenged to go over, around & through obstacles, but generally they are ultimately successful

  • Stoic; Considered the ego “masked” as they are able to show people the aspects of themselves they want revealed while concealing other aspects

  • Able to “get” people, they make good influences or salespeople; this trait also helps make them good lie detectors

The Shadow: When out of balance, Chariots are challenged by…

  • Have to overcome sometimes significant obstacles in order to attain their success

  • Because they “get” people, they can manipulate them

Individuals whose pattern of destiny is the number 7 (aka "straight 7s"), as opposed to 16s, have the Chariot as both their personality and life lesson card. That is to say that these individuals may be more challenged by both the strengths and weaknesses of the Lovers personality card than their 16 counterpart. For straight 7s, the Tower (16) is a shadow card that still impacts them subtly but is not their prime challenge or lesson in life.

Sevens are also more significant in readings for 7 and 16 Chariots as they share the same base number, 7.

Famous Chariots....

  • Idris Elba - Chariot

  • Princess Diana – Chariot

  • Vladmir Putin – Chariot

  • Marilyn Monroe – Tower Chariot

  • Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Tower Chariot

  • Stephen Hawking – Tower Chariot

  • Freddie Mercury – Tower Chariot

  • Jackie Robinson – Tower Chariot

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the Chariot personality. Look for more entries in this series in the future.

In peace & love,


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