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New Moon & The Planetary Pile-Up in Aquarius

The new moon is coming and with it the new intentions and new energy of a new cycle. The effects of a new moon color the overall mood or tone of the “month” to come, or at least from one new moon phase to the next.

February’s new moon sees a planetary pileup in Aquarius. Usually when four planets congregate around a single point in the astrological chart, we call it a stellium. This month will see all the traditional planets save Mars in Aquarius – a super stellium!

This means there will be a load of Aquarius energy buzzing about. Think some of Aquarius’s stereotypical keywords such as progressive, technology, mobile, alien or other, humanitarian, aloof. Aquarius is like the sci-fi genre of the signs!

Aquarius is fixed air, and therefore there is a bit of a tendency to dig one’s heels in or become a bit dogmatic, particularly in the area of your chart in which Aquarius lies. It is good to be cognizant of this fact and determine if such fixity is a necessary or beneficial quality in achieving your goals, or if it is potentially hampering efforts.

Of particular note, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius for most of the month. I don’t know about you, but the brain fog hit me pretty hard when it retrograded over the direct degree and minute of my natal Sun this past week.

While these planetary pile-up events happen from time-to-time, they are still fairly unique. In fact, if you are a practicing astrologer and trying to determine which house system to use (e.g. Placidus, Porphyry, Whole Signs, etc.), this may be a great opportunity for you to test out a variety of options to see which fits you the best. I encourage you to use this period to see if one house in your chart is being massively lit up this month or if there are in fact two consecutive houses or areas of your life that are feeling impacted.

If you are a tarot reader, see if the Star card shows up for you with more frequency during this period. In the tarot, the imagery of Ganymede the Water-Bearer, the symbol of Aquarius, shares much in common with the depiction of the (often androgynous) youth pouring water into a lake or other body of water in the RWS tarot. The pouring of water symbolizes pouring healing or hope out into the world. What ripples is the Star card making in your life during this time?

If you are interested in learning more about the tarot, just a quick note that my next Foundations of Tarotology series begins on February 24, 2021 (just after Mercury goes direct again). I hope to see you there!

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