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Mercury Sextile Neptune: Bring Forth Your Imagination

Greetings, everyone! After a small hiatus, I am back to tell you about a nifty transit going on today, April 29th (or tomorrow, April 30th, depending on where you are in the world). And that transit happens to be Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces.

Sextiles are lovely soft aspects that are of the nature of Venus. They lend a helping hand or small, beneficial testimony on behalf of the other planet with which they are making contact. It is not as significant an angle as a trine, per se, but it does gift a small amount of grace or aid.

And speaking of Venus, the planet happens to be both the ruler of Taurus and exalted in Pisces, so there is a very Venusian creative affect at play in the interactions between Mercury and Neptune.

Neptune in Pisces is very dreamy and creative, wanting to simply flow forth and connect compassionately with others and with the imagination. Mercury in Taurus is practical, which includes in the hands-on sense as well. This is a great time to get tactile and bring your hands into the equation to get whatever is in your imagination out into the real world. Poetry, writing, art, sculpting or even have wonderful talks or flights of fancy are all wonderful activities to engage in today to really capitalize on this beautiful and empathetic transit.

It is also a great day to try your hand at tarot and see what inspires your intuition and sparks your creativity. Tarot cards are also great tools to use for stirring the imagination into creating great stories, so if this is a skill you wish to hone or a craft in which you partake, pull out that tarot or oracle deck and let your mind flow and ride the current of your rich imagination!

Wishing you many flights of fancy today.

In peace and love,


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