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Mars in Retrograde Redux

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It’s official. Mars is Retrograde in Aries, where it will remain retrograde until November 13. How are you feeling?

Mars, the Red Planet, will be retrograde in Aries until November 13.

I talked about this earlier, but this is such a significant period of tension, I felt it warranted a closer look. Mars goes retrograde about once every two years. It is an active planet, so it doesn’t like being told to slow down. Especially in its own home. It’s like the warrior planet received the ultimate cosmic blessing to slam on the gas pedal and then had said permission revoked, forcing the planet to pump the brakes. Mars isn’t happy.

Are you happy?

Maybe things aren’t going as fast as you hoped. Maybe you finally felt focus in one area of your life and now suddenly find yourself drained or seemingly spinning backwards.

In my earlier post, I mentioned discussing the difference between retrograde and direct. We all hear bad things about “Mercury retrograde,” but what does that mean?

Normally, planets progress forward on their ecliptic plane as they journey in their orbit around the sun. When planets retrograde, they appear to be going backwards in their orbit. Or so it seems from our vantage point here on earth. A planet is making its way around the sun and looks like it is moving “forward” in space compared to where it was the day previously.

But then one day it suddenly seems to slow down. We call this “stationing.” A planet stations and appears to not move forward as it prepares to go retrograde. Then once it looks as though it is losing ground in its path and going backward in its orbit, we say that it has gone retrograde.

Depending on the planet, a retrograde period can lasts weeks or months, and we feel its effect here on earth. After a period of time, the planet begins to make up for lost ground. We call this shift toward making progress “going direct.”

A retrograde period it is a time for us to reflect, reframe and refocus, and really anything that begins with the prefix “re-.” It may also be a time of blockages in the planet’s normal energies. Think of it like pulling a reversed card in a tarot spread (another “re-“!) We can’t always push forward all the time. Sometimes we need to take a step back to make progress.

If you find you are running against a wall in the coming days, I encourage you to take some time to engage in much needed self-care and retreat. Instead of focusing on the frustration, focus on you and what you need in this moment to shore up your reserves for the fall that is to come. Because it looks to be a doozy.

Here’s a spread to help you de-stress and try to avoid burnout over this Mars retrograde period.

How are you coping with this retrograde Martian energy?

In peace & love,


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