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Life Lesson: The Tower

Well it has been a while but let us now return our focus back to our journey through the Major Arcana and the life lessons for the various personality cards.

After the encounter with the Devil, the Fool’s Journey continues onward to The Tower. The Tower card is another one of those major arcana cards which frequently scares newcomers away from the tarot, but like all cards in the tarot, it encompasses a spectrum of meanings both positive and negative. The Tower card is a part of the Chariot tarot constellation, that of “Mastery through Change” per Mary Greer.

If your pattern of destiny adds up to 16, then your pattern is the Tower Chariot. 16 indicates that your life lesson is the Tower, which we will discuss momentarily. When you reduce to a single digit (16 = 1+ 6= 7), you are left with 7 or the Chariot as your personality card. Straight “7” Chariots may feel the effects of the Tower card, but it is a “shadow” or “hidden factor” card for them.

The Tower is a card indicating a massive change that rocks us to our core. It is the lightning that strikes suddenly and shakes the very foundation of our being. In the moment, it is scary and painful. No one likes the Tower strike while it is happening to them. You may find your world crumbling around you or experience humility.

However, the Tower itself happens for our benefit. The divine has not abandoned us, as evidenced by the presence of 22 flames or yods, often thought to connect with the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 10 paths of the Kabbalah or the 10 planets. We may need to consult with an expert or professional to get ourselves through the tower strike, but it contains the promise that we will be better off in the end than if it had not happened to us at all.

If you have the Tower as your life lesson, you may find at times that you….

  • Have to navigate constant instability and upheaval

  • Are frequently redefining the structures of your life

  • Have lots of seemingly negative things occur to you but experience incredible growth and resilience in the face of change

Similarly, if the Tower is your personal card of the year based on your tarotscope from one birthday to the next, then you may find yourself temporarily under its influence.

I hope this helps and you learned a bit more about the Tower as a life lesson.

In peace & love


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