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Life Lesson: The Devil

The Fool’s Journey continues to the first of the soul cards, that of The Devil. The Devil card is one of the ones which frequently scares newcomers away from the tarot, but like all cards in the tarot, it encompasses a spectrum of meanings both positive and negative. The Devil card is a part of the Lovers tarot constellation, that of “Relatedness and Choice” per Mary Greer.

If your pattern of destiny adds up to 15, then your pattern is the Devil Lovers. 15 indicates that your life lesson is the Devil, which we will discuss momentarily. When you reduce to a single digit (15 = 1+ 5= 6), you are left with 6 or the Lovers as your personality card. Straight “6” Lovers may feel the effects of the Devil card, but it is a “shadow” or “hidden factor” card for them.

The Devil represents that which controls us. Whereas the Lovers represents the bonds which connect and put us in relation with others, the Devil represents the ties that bind and keep us restrained or trapped in a given situation. It is frequently associated with the material realm and our selfish or physical desires.

Often, we have the ability to extricate ourselves from our entrapments if we just put in the energy and effort. As such, it can also be associated with the more positive byproducts of faith, creativity and problem-solving. This card asks you to have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have the Devil as your life lesson, you may find at times that you….

  • May feel literally chained or held back from something you want

  • May have a victim consciousness

  • Are able to call upon extreme creativity or faith to extricate yourself from situations

Similarly, if the Devil is your personal card of the year based on your tarotscope from one birthday to the next, then you may find yourself temporarily under its influence.

I hope this helps and you learned a bit more about the Devil as a life lesson.

In peace & love


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