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Life Lesson: Temperance

The Fool continues forward following his encounter with Death. The next lesson he learns in his journey is that of Temperance. The Temperance card is a part of the Hierophant tarot constellation, that of “Teaching and Learning” per Mary Greer.

If your pattern of destiny adds up to 14, then you are a Temperance Hierophant. 14 indicates that your life lesson is Temperance, which we will discuss momentarily. When you reduce to a single digit (14 = 1+ 4= 5), you are left with 5 or the Hierophant as your personality card. Straight “5” Hierophants may feel the effects of the Temperance card, but it is a “shadow” or “hidden factor” card for them.

We think of Temperance as moderation or self-control. It is indeed the middle way and a philosophical approach to life. But it is also a card of alchemy and transformation as much as it is about balance. In the RWS tarot, we see an angel pouring water from one cup into another, mixing and combining the contents. And emblazoned on the Angel's garb is the triangle within a square, harkening back to alchemical symbols and the basic elements. The Latin word "temperare" means "to mix" or "to combine," after all. Similarly, we also understand to temper as to forge, synthesize and make stronger.

If you have Temperance as your life lesson, you likely….

  • Are constantly making changes in themselves in order to adapt to their environment

  • Are generally skilled in the art of co-creation or synthesis (be it through knowledge production, integration or implementation, etc.)

  • Tend to be more philosophical or value higher or esoteric knowledge

  • Focus on or manage mental or chemical (im)balance

Similarly, if Temperance is your personal card of the year based on your tarotscope from one birthday to the next, then you may find yourself temporarily under its influence.

I hope this helps and you learned a bit more about Temperance as a life lesson.

In peace & love


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