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Life Lesson: Justice

The next Life Lesson we come to is a part of the High Priestess tarot constellation, that of “Balanced Judgment and Intuitive Awareness” per Mary Greer.

If your pattern of destiny adds up to 11, then you are a Justice High Priestess. Having a birthday summation whose individual digits total 11 indicates that your life lesson is Justice, which we will discuss momentarily. When you reduce the summation of your birthday numbers to a single digit (11 = 1+ 1= 2), you are left with 2 or a High Priestess as your personality card. Straight “2” or “20” High Priestesses may feel the effects of the Justice card, but it is a “shadow” or “hidden factor” card for them.

Those whose pattern adds up to 11, or Justice High Priestesses, are more consciously challenged to maintain their discernment and balance on the big scale as depicted through the rich symbolism found in the Justice card in the tarot while not becoming too detached or quick to cast the proverbial first stone, as it were. Those who judge are oftentimes being judged themselves.

The Justice card is concerned with justice and equality, not necessarily mercy. It is also an important distinction to note that equality is not the same as equity.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what does that mean in practice?

Well, if you have Justice as your life lesson, you likely….

  • Have a strong sense of (social) justice and are concerned with balance or fairness.

  • Are very discerning when it comes to romantic relationships, in particular.

  • May find yourself interested in or frequently involved with things related to legal documentation, real estate, divorce, lawsuits or the courts in general.

Similarly, if Justice is your personal card of the year based on your tarotscope from one birthday to the next, then you may find yourself temporarily under its influence.

I hope this helps and you learned a bit more about Justice as a life lesson.

In peace & love


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