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How to Calculate a Tarotscope

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Because of its origins in the collective unconscious, its shared patterns and images, the principles of tarotology (the study of tarot) can be combined with those of other systems such as astrology or numerology. In doing so, we can generate a predictive outlook based on overarching patterns or commonalities.

One way to calculate the tarotscope or outlook for a day is by adding up and reducing the numbers in a given date to correspond with the themes in the major arcana (1 through 22).

Particularly by doing this with an individual’s date of birth, we can better understand that person’s soul or personality pattern and their corresponding life lessons. That is because one’s spiritual being reflects the energy and stars in motion at the time one emerges into this world. This is why the study of the natal chart or map of stars at the moment of one’s birth is so pivotal in the study of astrology. Mary Greer calls these patterns "tarot constellations.”

As I go through the tarotscope and Pattern of Destiny topics over the next few months, a quick note that it is important to give credit where credit is due, so kudos to Mary Greer for the pattern of destiny concept and to Cynthia Hartline for her adaptation and expansion of it.

To learn more, check out Greer's Who Are You in the Tarot?

Much like astrological signs, our tarot constellation helps us identify specific archetypes or patterns we are likely to experience in our lives.

So why apply the concept of tarot and its patterns of destiny, along with astrology and numerology, to the mundane day to day?

By understanding the particular energy of a point in time, one can better prepare for and harness the potential of the moment using one’s personal strengths. It can also help one strategize how best to meet challenging influences or obstacles that may present themselves.

Calculating a tarotscope is relatively simple. Add the day of birth, the month of birth and the year of birth together.

The tarotscope for January 2, 2021 would be calculated as such:

Day: 2

Month: 1

+Year: 2021


Once the number is obtained, the individual digits should be reduced in order to obtain a number between 1 and 22. If the number greater than 22, it can be reduced once more so that it obtains a number which corresponds with a card in the major arcana.

2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8

Therefore, we can see that January 2, 2021 is a Strength day based on its associated card in the tarot. By understanding the imagery and meaning behind the Strength card, we can determine what activities may be more or less successful based on the energies in play that day.

With the first day after the New Year holiday in 2021 being a Strength card, this is a positive sign that we are starting the year off on a “strong” note. (Much needed after the 2020 curveball!) This will be a good day for networking, connecting with friends and loved ones, or for building one’s own inner strength, perhaps through sticking to some positive resolutions for the coming year.

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