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How to Ask Better Questions

We spend a lot of time focusing on learning what the cards mean or trying to memorize complex spreads such as the Celtic Cross, but how often do we focus on the heart of tarot: Am I asking the right questions? Are my questions leading me to answers which support my higher self?

Below are a couple of strategies for asking better questions of your tarot cards.

Avoid “Will I” or “Can I” questions.

Using these question words gets into narrow “yes” or “no” territory. This can be very tricky for novice readers and often requires specific layouts to get better insights. Even then, everyone has free will. So, in most cases, the cards will not be able to provide you with a very accurate picture when phrasing using limiting question words such as “will” and “can” that rely strictly on either your personal desire and willpower or random chance in the universe. Instead, focus on empowering questions which yield actionable guidance for you to implement in your life. (Think of the S.M.A.R.T. goals strategy!)

Focus on “How,” “Why” or “What” questions.

The corollary to the above statement. These question words lend themselves to more open-ended responses that challenge you to engage your intuition and do some of the deep digging to get to answers. Self-improvement, growth and transformation is not a straightforward, easy process and getting answers to your questions shouldn’t be, either. There needs to be some reflection or soul-searching involved in order to return meaningful insight.

Be specific.

Use targeted language to make sure your question is relevant and isn’t vague. Here are two examples:

1. How can I find a job?

2. How can I find my dream job which supports my long-term career goals?

Do you see the difference? It is one thing to get advice for attaining a job to pay the bills, it is quite another to check in with your intuition to find out how you can find the perfect job that aligns with your values and vision.

That is not to say that the first question is necessarily bad, however. If you just need any job, it is perfectly valid to target that. But the more intentional you can be, the better you will be able to connect with your intuition and allow it (and the cards!) to guide you.

I hope the above helps you rephrase questions for your tarot work. (The above can also be applied to astrology, as well.) Let me know below if you have any other tips you’d like to share!

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