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Good News! Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

I hope your March is off to a good start! As they say, “in like a Lion, out like a Lamb.” This saying actually derives from astrology, as at the beginning of the month, Leo the Lion begins the day on the western horizon (descendant) and by the end, Aries the Ram is on the eastern horizon (ascendant) at daybreak.

I want to share a bit of “good news” with you all. That is to say, today, March 4th, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter. This is a time of literal good news! If you are expecting some long-awaited correspondence or announcement, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, Mercury, may well deliver under the auspices of the greater benefic, Jupiter.

Among other things, Mercury is our details and information. The planet rules both Virgo and Gemini, so he likes to collect all the little bits of information and then assemble them in logical order. Mercury can also indicate topics such as business and commerce, study, communication, media and technology, and travel.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and generally lends a positive boost or helping hand to other planets it aspects. As the slower moving of the two more positive-leaning planets, it is often referred to as the “Greater Benefic.” Of course, too much of a good thing or too much growth can be bad (e.g. cancer).

So how to capitalize on this time?

First, correspondences. If you are planning to send any major communications, this would be a prime time. It would also be a good time to focus on alliances, or even give a compliment or two to a colleague, channeling the benevolent spirit of Jupiter. A kind word could go a long way to bolster spirits and improve or strengthen relationships.

In terms of businesses and commerce, if you are planning any major acquisitions or purchases this might be a good day to pull the trigger and put your house on the market, for instance, or launch a new venture or even a marketing campaign. This is especially the case if there is a technology or progressive slant (Aquarius).

Finally, this is a great time for study. If there is some topic you’ve been itching to explore more fully or if you happen to teach, use the good juju to focus your efforts and take your studies to the next level.

Wishing you good news today!

In peace & love,


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