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Full Moon in Virgo: Daydreams Meet Devil’s in the Details

The Sun is now in wistful, dreamy Pisces. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is just around the corner! Slowly but steadily, days grow longer and filled with more light. But the winter isn’t necessarily done with us just yet. In fact, the February full moon is also commonly referred to as the Snow Moon due to the snowy weather that frequently occurs this time of year, at least for “Northerners.”

On February 27th, we welcome the full moon in Virgo, meaning the moon is in a 180-degree opposition to the sun in Pisces. Dreamy, nebulous Pisces provides a bit of an escape from reality, a refuge from the long slog of winter which finds us fantasizing about better days to come filled with sunlight and adventures, and the return of the light. But before conjoining the sun in Pisces on March 13th, we are given a quick reality check as the moon passes through Virgo.

If Pisces romantics heroic actions, Virgo calls us into service to get things done. The Virgo moon allows us to be more discriminating and find a way to productively channel our impulses and focus our urges and meandering tendencies. During this full moon period, the Sun, our purpose or plot, is entertaining delusions of grandeur. Meanwhile, our emotional Moon may find us being a bit critical or harsh in our responses or reactions. It is okay to be more forgiving to ourselves and others during this time, even if our first instinct is to nit-pick and hyper focus on the minutia.

Especially with the moon forming a trine with Uranus in fellow earth sign, Taurus, use this time as a checkpoint to check-in with yourself. Is there some high-strung, pent-up energy that needs to be released? Is there a necessary cathartic transformation or radical departure from status quo that would serve you during this time? This full moon would be a good time to shed the extra tension and pressure on oneself to strive for perfection. By the time the new moon in Pisces rolls around, a new spiritual cycle awaits.

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