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Full Moon in Pisces: In Your Feelings

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

On September 2nd, the full moon will be in Pisces. What can we expect when the moon is in the dreamy, watery sign?

This month's full moon is in Pisces's ethereal realm of spirit and imagination.

Well, let’s look at the major aspects the moon is making that day.

1. Full Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

While we’ve seen an emphasis on the dream realm with Neptune in Pisces, with the added conjunction of a full moon, dreams and imagination will be activated even more at this time. On the downside, full moon in Pisces can make us moody. Take a look at what house Pisces resides in your natal chart to see what area of your life will either benefit from a cosmic creative jolt, experience an increased desire for escapism, or perhaps witness a bit of confusion or irritation.

2. Full Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus.

Look for a good burst of spontaneity and originality. You may be feeling the call of adventure or just get an added boost of ambition to make progress on your goals. Uranus in Taurus is a cosmic balancing act of progress and tradition. Full moons are a great time to set intentions for what you wish to manifest in the fullness of time. Similarly, the Sun in Virgo will form a positive trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus on September 2nd as well, so you'll be better able to organize and focus on the details. Find out what house Taurus resides in your natal chart to see where in your life this balancing act is playing out and how to maximize the timing of the full moon to lend determination and a helping hand.

3. Full Moon sextile Jupiter in Capricorn.

Jupiter’s natural inclination to expand is somewhat tempered by the more restrictive energy of Capricorn. However, we still receive a small boost to our emotions thanks to the optimism Jupiter lends. Even if you are feeling a bit moody or in your feelings based on what is being activated in your chart, negative emotions should be somewhat tempered thanks to this more positive aspect.

Here’s a six-card tarot spread (four cards plus the cards representing the Moon and Pisces) to meditate on this full moon:

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To learn more about timing and how to maximize the phases of the moon, check out the Introduction to Timing class on September 21st - just in time to appreciate the Autumnal Equinox!

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