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Full Moon in Cancer: Home is Where the Heart is

On December 29th, we welcome the full moon into its domicile in Cancer – huzzah!

Astrologically, the moon represents our fortune, the material world, our bodies, our feelings and emotions, our mother among other energies. It is the fastest moving of the planetary bodies (astrologically speaking) and also possessing no light of its own, reflects the light and energies of all other planets it aspects. As such, it is considered as a mirror for our lives.

With the full moon in Cancer, we have a happy moon, comfortable in its home sign. It is content to be at home, and so are we! Focusing on our family and intimate relationships brings us comfort and joy at this time of the year. The cosmos is giving us permission to take a break from the outside world and let us concentrate on prioritizing our loved ones, our sense of safety and security, our domesticity, and our comfort.

Further, intuition in these areas of relationship and intimacy will be heightened during this time. If your inner voice asks you to revaluate any ties, honor your feelings and be willing to take a closer look. With the end of the year upon us, it is a great time to prioritize what – and who - matters to us for the future.

In addition, the full moon is well-aspected to Uranus by sextile during this time. There is a twinge of excitement in the air and bubbling or heightened emotions, with a more positive manifestation likely. A supportive Moon-Uranus conversation can gift a sense of more control for breaking bad habits or providing us with a bit of comfort in expressing ourselves. Why does this matter? Uranus will actually feature quite prominently in some harder aspects during 2021 with Saturn and Jupiter, so enjoy this more pleasant dialogue and expression of Uranus at the end of 2020.

While I still have one more post of 2020 to come, as we begin to wrap up this year, I wish you all the peace, comfort and excitement of the holidays and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

In peace & love,


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