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Full Moon in Aries: Bring on October

Before we get started, I want to post a quick shout-out to my good friend and AuthorTuber, TheDawdlingWriter, who recently took my "Introduction to Timing Class" and creatively applied the concepts from each lunar phase to the fiction writing process, including character and plot development, as well as world-building. I highly encourage you to check out her "Moon Phase Writing Challenge" post and video, absolutely PERFECT for this month, which both commences and culminates with a Full Moon (and on Halloween, no less!!)

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is already October! This year has both flown and crawled by, somehow.

As we enter this fourth quarter of 2020, we are in a time of preparation and anticipation. There is definitely change coming; we can all feel it in our bones. There is an edge, an anxiety but also, always, hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a better world. Hope and faith.

This will be a tough month, and quarter. For those of us in the United States as we head into the U.S. Presidential Election, the political rhetoric is likely to become even more vicious, if such a thing is possible. I encourage everyone to try not to engage with negativity. With the Full Moon shining its light on Aries, which is already dealing with a retrograde Mars that will square Pluto on October 9th (following a contentious and explosive Mars square with Saturn on September 29th -- I'm guessing no student of astrology was consulted in the election of the date for the first U.S. presidential debate), it will be hard to keep tempers and emotions in check. There is an urgency in the air, resulting in impulse or defensiveness. Be careful about projecting any insecurities or fears onto others. These energies must be manifested somehow, I just encourage you to channel them in positive manners or toward creative and healthy outlets.

We will all be tested in the coming months, as we have this whole year. If we can make it through the heaviness resulting from a dysfunctional Emperor year plus all of the slower planets stacking up in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn over the past year, I am hoping we have some fresh air once these planets transition into Aquarius in mid-December. I don’t know what the new Aquarian age will bring, but I imagine in the new air era we will learn to cope and even thrive with more uncertainty and less stability than that which we had come to rely upon during the previous earth age. Like the air, we will learn to be light, adaptable and able to "pivot." (Takers on "pivot" for word of the year, anyone?) Technology, innovations and the evolution of communication will be even more central to our increasingly connected society.

Let’s set a positive intention this Full Moon to rid ourselves of the negativity surrounding us individually and collectively. On October 1st, the emotional full moon will shine upon Aries, the sign of ego, which is both ruled and presently occupied by the planet of conflict and action. Tempers may flair and emotions run high. Avoid tit-for-tat and taking those actions which seem justified in the moment but which you may come to regret. Try to focus on the positive and surround yourself with people or things that support your own (or the collective) higher good. This is especially true for those in positions of power or authority.

In peace & love,


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