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Fertility in the Cards & Stars

As an Empress personal pattern of destiny with Venus as Ascendant ruler and an MC at the anaretic degree of Cancer, you might not be terribly surprised to find me penning an article about motherhood.

(For clarification, my only child as of the present moment is a four-legged furbaby.)

Most women of child-bearing age would likely agree that when it comes to fertility, timing is everything. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, women have more control than ever in the process, especially if they take proactive steps to understand their fertility potential earlier rather than later. So, what clues can tarot and astrology provide to help those who want to have children, or conversely, want to actively avoid children?

Standard disclaimer that I am not a medical provider nor qualified as a substitute for medical advice. That said, hopefully the following will give you a base line of what to look for in your own readings and natal chart for those who may have fertility on the mind.

In the tarot, look to the Empress. Is she showing up frequently in your readings? For those who read reversed cards, is she upright or upside down (blocked)? What other cards are around her? Look for supporting cards for additional indicators of success.

Conversely, what is your personal year – is it an Empress, Hanged Man Empress or World Empress?

To learn how to calculate your personal lesson for the year (which lasts from one birthday until the next), see how to calculate your Personal Pattern of Destiny. While you will want to use your birthday and birth month, use the current year in lieu of your year of birth to find out what your personal card/lesson for the year is.

Supporting cards: The Sun, The Wheel of Fortune, The Moon, Pages (especially of Cups), 9 of Cups, 4 of Wands

In your natal chart, look to the 5th House, the 5th House traditional ruler as well as the condition of the Moon. Is the 5th House or its ruler well placed in a wet sign or well-aspected? Is the Moon in a water sign (in particular), a growing phase or on the brighter side of the waning phase, or is it well-aspected? These tend to be positive indicators.

Supporting planets: Venus, Jupiter

Some potential mitigating factors could be experienced when there is a lot of dryness around the Moon, 5th House and its traditional ruler (fire signs in particular), combustion of 5th House ruler or the Moon due to extremely close proximity to the Sun, or challenging aspects to Mars or Saturn.

If you are curious about adoption or children by marriage (stepchildren), you can also explore the same for the 11th House, which represents other people’s children.

If you find that you do have some challenging aspects or some mitigating factors in your chart, you can then look at timing techniques such as annual profections, secondary progressions and planetary transits to try to offset and boost your potential.

And of course, if you have health-related questions or concerns, always speak with a licensed medical professional.

If you are interested in learning more about timing in general and how humans culturally and psychologically connect to cycles, the next Introduction to Timing class will be held this coming Wednesday, December 9th from 7-8:30pm EST.

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