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All Hallows' Eve

The leaves are turning color, the air is getting cooler. It’s just about that time: Halloween!

To be fair, I’m more of a Thanksgiving fan than Halloween. It’s a hard call when you look at the traditions in the United States – all the candy you can eat or all the food you can eat, guilt free for one day (or night) only. But for me, watching The National Dog Show with family pushes Thanksgiving over the edge! 😉

That said, Halloween has a lot going for it even if this year we can’t engage in the customary trick-or-treating or parties of years past. Not to mention, this year we have a Blue Moon on Halloween (more on that later this week)!

If we look at the history of the day, All Hallows' Eve prefaces All Saints’ (and the following All Souls’) Day, or Día de los Muertos. It is one of the two nights of the year when the veil between worlds is said to be the thinnest. (Beltane is the other.)

Superstitions and beliefs that spirits walk among mortals on this night aside, the end of October and beginning of November marks a time of transition. We collectively being looking to the recent and distant past, remembering and reconnecting with our roots, both literal and figurative. We celebrate the last of the harvest during this time, uprooting the final fruits of the season in preparation for a long winter. We also reflect on our ancestors and beloved family and friends who have gone before us. It is a crux in the year and represents a turning point where we begin to turn from the outward hustle and bustle of our lives and focus inward toward our families, our homes, taking stock and preparing for the year’s end.

During this period, I hope you will take a moment to remember those who came before you and lit the path for your success. We are here but by the grace of those who came before us. Perhaps honor them by offering a prayer or token of gratitude, however you and your cultural lens feel most appropriate, be it an act, an offering or a simple “thank you.”

Gratitude has a place every day of the year!

How will you celebrate October 31st this year?

In peace & love,


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