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A Jupiterian Full Moon in Leo

The full moon in Leo is taking place today, January 28th. As a full moon in Leo baby myself, I always find this lunation particularly fascinating. The tension between the Sun in Aquarius, which strives for freedom, progress and often finds itself marginalized, alienated or “other”-ized, is palpable. The Sun is shining the spotlight on the moon in Leo, which is generous and giving but also demands to be appreciated and recognized as such. While Aquarius only wants to give so long as it benefits the collective, Leo appreciates the finer points of the give-and-take relationship and will give as good as it takes. During this full moon phase, the moon in Leo enjoys reflecting fully the rays of the Sun and being center stage. The Aquarius Sun, meanwhile, likely finds this Leo moon particularly obnoxious and self-serving.

Adding to that, Jupiter remains cazimi (within 1 degree) of the Sun, although it is separating. While planets close to the Sun are often “under the beams” and therefore obscured from view, meaning its effect and expression is somewhat overpowered, cazimi is a special form of conjunction. When a planet is within 1 degree of the Sun, its expression is actually amplified by the Sun’s rays. So, a cazimi Jupiter means we are getting a nice positive burst of good vibes and Jupiterian energy before it goes back “under the beams” for a spell.

Meanwhile the Sun and Jupiter are separating, that is to say moving away from, the influence of Saturn, which also finds itself combust the Sun’s rays and therefore a bit limited in its expression and ability to restrict or provide discipline.

Meanwhile, as it is in the full lunar phase, the Moon is reflecting back this positive Jupiter-Sun cazimi, as well as a combust Saturn, in Aquarius. This can be a bit of a breath of fresh air in the midst of some of the more unpredictable planetary alignments we have had this month. Take advantage of the next few hours to go big (Jupiter), be generous and bold (Leo), and perhaps a bit quirky thanks to that Aquarian energy. But be careful not to go overboard with Saturn limited in its ability to reign these energies in.

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