Tarotology classes blend traditional, interpretive methods of reading with intuition.  Our unique approach includes study into patterns of destiny (Mary Greer's "tarot constellations") and combines aspects of astrology with traditional tarot.

Students will learn not only what cards mean, but also how to tap into the collective unconscious and harness collective wisdom along with inner knowledge for personal insight. 

Classes are online, hands-on and interactive. These are synchronous classes to allow for 1:1 personalization so that your questions are addressed directly, tailoring the experience to the needs of our students! 

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Foundations of Tarotology (Single Class)


Need a Tarot Refresher?

Having trouble with the minors? Can't recall your court cards? Dipping your toe into tarot?

Our hands-on, interactive and ongoing series of classes where participants learn and discuss the basics of tarot and gain practical experience working with the cards in an intimate setting. A five-class online series, you can register for a single class and join in at any time.

Foundations of Tarotology
(Full Series)


Sharing Our Love of Tarot.

This is a five-class online series and will focus on introduction to tarot, the major and minor arcana. Participants will receive a workbook. Be sure to bring your tarot deck along with something to take notes with.

Tarot Tuesday


Gain Practice, Make Friends

Free tarot throwdown practice session offered every other month. 

This is an interactive forum to learn tarot tips, gain practice reading for others and make connections. Please bring your tarot deck and be ready to share!


Private Tutoring


If you are interested in a private class for one-on-one tutoring, please fill out this form to request. Please send information about what you need help with or are trying to study to see if I can address your needs and accommodate your request. 

This is not available for personal readings but is instead intended to help aspiring tarot enthusiasts in their practice.