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What is Tarotology?

 "Tarotology" is the formal study of the tarot. The tarot is a powerful tool for self discovery that pulls multivalent symbolism from the collective unconscious and helps us identify patterns in our lives. It coincidentally also happens to be a combination of "tarot" and "astrology," two fields which enrich my spiritual practice.

Are you at a crossroads?  Maybe you are looking for a career change, or want to make a transformation in one or more aspects of your life.

Using collective archetypes and drawing from shared mythologies and knowledge, the tarot allows us to connect with our intuition so we may engage in active reflection to make empowering choices to manifest our potential. As an added bonus, astrology outlines a cosmic blueprint for each individual, providing permission to be the authentic you!

I hope you will embark on your inner journey and find yourself in the tarot.


"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."



About Erin

My Journey

I have always been a very spiritual person. I believe in Love, the power of synchronicity and the healing and growth potential in lessons learned. Pausing to engage in meaningful self-reflection combined with an understanding of timing opens us to a universe of possibilities in our lives. 

For those curious in my professional training and spiritual background, I am an international health and safety professional in higher education by trade as well as an Episcopalian. The tarot, as a nondenominational tool for tapping into the collective wisdom of all mankind, has always appealed to my sense of spirituality and wonder. I have been studying and reading tarot for over 15 years and have more recently begun my astrological journey. In 2020, I realized my dream of becoming a professional tarot practitioner and teacher.

My style draws heavily from archetypal cosmology and a collaborative, intuition-based approach. Tarot mentors include Cynthia Hartline and Linda Horton, with additional credit to the works of Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack and Benebell Wen. I am also a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and practice a blend of modern along with traditional and Hellenistic astrology, which I have studied with and from mentors such as Acyuta-bhava Das, Laura Nalbandian, Chris Brennan and Lorenzo Sanford.

l am proud to launch Tarotology to connect with spiritual seekers to share knowledge and experiences to help others navigate their cosmic weather forecast and to bridge self-understanding and acceptance!  

In love & peace,

Erin, Tarot Practitioner & Teacher


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Erin excels at priming her students with the zest for learning and curiosity for the future. Every lesson she makes is a joy to watch and listen to, and I have learned many pointers and lessons from her.

Eugene N.


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