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What is Tarotology?

Our Mission

 "Tarotology" is the formal study of the tarot. It is a tool for self discovery that pulls powerful symbolism from the collective unconscious and helps us identify patterns in our lives. It coincidentally also happens to be a combination of "tarot" and "astrology," two fields which inform my spiritual coaching.

Are you at a crossroads?  Maybe you are looking for a career change, or want to make a transformation in one or more aspects of your life.

Using powerful archetypes, the tarot allows us to connect with our intuition so we may manifest our potential. As an added bonus, astrology outlines a cosmic blueprint for each individual, providing permission to be the authentic you!

Our mission is simple: To embrace empowerment, teach transformation and give back.

What Sets Us Apart?

In addition to our individual readings, Tarotology provides synchronous virtual class experiences that provide opportunities to learn directly from Erin. Get your Q's A'd live!  Engage with your peers, build community and take your tarot to the next level!

We also offer several free online gatherings and classes for tarot novices and enthusiasts alike!

We hope you will embark on your inner journey and find yourself in the tarot.


"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."



About Erin

My Journey

I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that things happen for a reason and there is great power in lessons learned. Pausing to engage in meaningful self-reflection combined with an understanding of timing opens us to a universe of possibilities in our lives. 

I have been very fortunate to have many exceptional mentors over the years. Tarotology is my chance to "pay it forward" by sharing my knowledge and experience with others so they have the tools to better understand the archetypes and patterns in the world, their lives and, by extension, themselves.  

My approach is not one of divination, nor do I counsel or give medical or legal advice. Tarotology is best approached through the lens of personal enrichment and self-discovery. My sessions provide clients and students alike with a better understanding of themselves by identifying patterns in their lives, activating their intuition and exploring their potential.

I hope you will join me on a journey of self discovery!  

In love and gratitude,

Erin Rasche

Founder & CEO


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Erin excels at priming her students with the zest for learning and curiosity for the future. Every lesson she makes is a joy to watch and listen to, and I have learned many pointers and lessons from her.

Eugene Neubronner


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